Rope Access - Offshore Construction

Rope access has become a preferred method to execute various fabrication and installation works in the offshore, oil & gas sector. Alarcon rope access services, one of the leading rope access service providers in the Middle East and Asia has a solid background in completing various projects worldwide. We have professionally trained, certified welders, fabricators, and multi-skilled mechanical technicians who can execute multiple installation and construction work at offshore and onshore structures. Our team can perform safe, non-disruptive, and cost-effective installation, repair, and general maintenance procedures at heights that remain difficult to access by standard methods.

Services we offer

  • Anode removal and installation

  • Jetting line renewal on jack-up legs

  • Riser and conductor pipe repair

  • Weld defect rectification

  • Aircraft warning light and platform installation

  • Offshore cathodic protection installation assistance

  • Grating, handrail and ladder installation

  • Structural renewal and installation

  • Bolting and clamping

  • Fabrication and installation of high rise platforms

  • King post installation

  • Under deck welding

  • Brackets and support installation

  • Guide and track replacement