Rope Access - Derrick Services

As a leading provider of industrial rope access services, the Alarcon rope access division employs multi-skilled rope access derrick technicians with extensive Derrick maintenance and services experience. Our in-house continual improvement system ensures to maintain safety and integrity to the highest standard throughout our operations. The Alarcon Derrick team has completed many upgrades and maintenance projects, from structural inspection to installation and corrosion control.

We have vast experience and proven track record of various range of derrick services which include:

  • Derrick inspection (API RP 4G Cat III) and rectification

  • Derrick lighting installation

  • DROPS rectification

  • Derrick and land rig wind wall & heat shield cladding

  • Racking board replacement

  • Crown block removal assistance

  • Bolt torquing, inspection, and change out

  • Guide rail installation and removal

  • Derrick Washing, Blasting, and Painting

  • Equipment removal, Inspection & re-installation (as per OEM recommendation)

  • Removal and installation of travelling equipment

  • Derrick piping inspection and installation

  • Poorboy degasser inspection

  • HP Mudline & cement line inspection