Mechanical Maintenance Services

Most of the machinery in the oil & gas and industrial sectors operates continuously for a long time. Proper installation, inspection and periodic maintenance are required to ensure the longevity and the working condition of the machines. .

Alarcon Mechanical Maintenance Services is an Alarcon Group venture focusing in the mechanical requirements of clients in different industries such as Industrial, Oil and Gas etc. We strive to provide fast, reliable, long lasting and cost-effective solutions to all kind of mechanical needs such as installation, commissioning, troubleshooting, repairs, dismantling etc.

Why Alarcon Mechanical Maintenance Services?

  • Special focus on timely and quality-oriented service with support of acclaimed engineering and inspection background..

  • Emphasis on the highest quality with safety at every step of the business..

  • Experienced team of project engineers and mechanics who can handle any type of onshore/offshore jobs.

  • Ability to handle turnkey projects/plant shut down projects/ installation projects etc.

  • Riding crew who can assist SPS and up gradation projects on rigs.

  • Certified engineers and technicians who are experienced in heavy equipment like Blow out preventers, Motion Compensators and other hydraulic equipment Etc..